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Team & Advisors

Ryan Deen
Ryan has strong tech delivery with over a decade of consultancy in blue chips. Vast Knowledge of Big Data, smart IOT and cryptography.
Atif Tab
Atif is a long time crypto enthusiast.  A tech fundamentalist and growth specialist.  A respected partner among many business facets.
Sami J
Blockchain Tech Lead
Adept at solidity, java and rust Sami has proven his ability to architect complex projects.  Also a major contributor to Blockzero labs.
M. Muawia
dApp dev leader
An expert in the design of dApps.  Bringing a wide array of disciplines and capability as a full stack crypto developer.
David Atkinson
Technical Advisor
David is an astute product specialist.  Behind successful projects notably Holochain, Alliance Block and Orion Protocol.


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