Bridging the Gap Between 
Projects, KOLs and Communities

Worlds First Marketing Launchpad Introducing Initial Marketing Offerings (IMOs)

Cross Chain Support

IMOs redefining marketing & how projects launch

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KOLnet is an innovative, transparent and fair launchpad that allows early-stage projects to optimise their marketing strategy through the innovation of WEB3 by creating Initial Marketing Offerings.
Initial Marketing Offerings (IMOs) attract micro KOLs to be rewarded in return for social media marketing incentivised by presale tokens and their utilities.
KOLnet by monetising key opinion leaders, decentralises crowd influence by utilising token swaps through multi-chain token pools.
Verification and settlement is automated through Proof of Marketing (PoM). An intuitive and user-friendly way of verifying marketing performance of Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) while aligning financial incentives of all parties involved.

IMOs will Redefine marketing 
Change how projects launch 
Unlock the world of Micro-KOLs.

Connecting Projects to Micro KOLs

Ultilising Multi-Chain token pools & validation through 
Anyone can stake KOL earning
presale tokens
KOL's can invest in IMOs and receive project pre-sales
Projects get value for their tokens through

Decentralising marketing
so everyone benefits

For KOL Token holders

KOLnet will collect private round tokens as marketing fees from projects launching on the platform.

You can now farm these tokens through Staking KOL tokens.

For KOL's

KOLnet will be onboarding verified projects to our platform offering presale tokens.

KOLs can now invest by providing marketing as a service based on requirements.

For Projects

KOLnet provides Proof of Marketing (PoM) validating work, ranking KOL's for quality, and boosting all of this through performance marketing based on data. 

Projects will now be able to use PoM as a means of settlement. Bringing value, trust and transparency.

Proof of Marketing

KOLnet solves the problem of marketing being a hard activity to properly measure and understand the 
impact and introduces Proof of Marketing


The first to bring proof of marketing where KOLs work is verified for completion before settlement.


A ranking system verifying responsible KOLs through tracking social media and on-chain behaviour.


Maximizing results for projects, modelling social media data and offering augmented decision making through the platform UI.


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